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Pealsonia Limited has been noted for its significant role in providing investors with various investment opportunities. As one of the leading names in venture capitalists, oil and gas investment and real estate developments, a lot of our investors have profited from our exploits in those markets. We’ve proven to be one of the most reliable investment services anybody can work with in recent times, if our performance over recent years is anything to go by. When it comes to supporting startups with capital, or investing in oil and gas or real estate development, you can always count on our services to give you the best.

Venture Capitalist

Pealsonia Limited is a venture capitalist with proven, established achievement and combined years of experience in oil and gas investment and real estate construction. We are a private equity investor that provides capital and financing to companies exhibiting high growth potential in oil and gas and real estate construction.

As a venture capitalist, our management team and investment partners make business decisions and investments using our expertise, support and resources to provide private equity to start ups, small ventures and corporations to expedite the growth of their business. This helps the business and organization achieve its full potential and goal. We adopt financial, operational, restructuring, and legal skills to enhance the performance and growth of each portfolio company in real estate construction and oil and gas investment.

Oil and Gas Investment

The oil and gas sector is not without significant risks. You ought to know that by now. There is also the possibility of earning a huge amount of money when you invest accurately in this field. That is why it is not enough to just throw your money into this field. Instead, you need to ensure you invest wisely. Fortunately, that is where we come in. We ensure that when you invest in oil and gas, you get returns on your investment as soon as possible. With our expertise and experience, you can always expect to get the best out of such markets anytime any day.

Real Estate Development

We’ve also made a name for ourselves in the real estate construction industry. We have handled the development of several properties right from our inception, treating our clients to a great level of satisfaction after every transaction. Everything that ranges from the re-lease and renovation of existing property to the buying of bare lands are all part of our services. We know how to make the real estate market work in your favor. That’s why it is good to partner with an experienced company like us.

We are also glad to help you with whatever investment advice you might be looking forward to. Our focus is to ensure our clients don’t invest their money wrongly. Rather we work hard to make sure they put their money in places where it can start yielding returns in the shortest possible time.

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