Pealsonia Limited provide services that are tailored to your specific needs. These services – venture capital, oil and gas investment, and real estate construction – are delivered with the help of business models that are focused on our clients. These business models are supported by platforms built on modern technology and wide operational capability. At Pealsonia Limited, we invest in new business ventures and also provide capital for expansion of a business; provide industry and management expertise and business interconnections with other venture capitalists and firms.

Venture Capitalist

As venture capitalists, we recognize the importance of venture capital funds in Pealsonia Limited. We provide a versatile and responsive service to support your business in a rapidly changing business environment. Our financing solution makes available funds for your business expansion and also provides capital for startups. The technique utilized in fund administration and management guarantees a high rate of return on our investment and a higher potential growth for the portfolio company and investment partners. We invest in promising startups or young companies that have a high potential for growth.

Oil and Gas Investment

Despite calls and efforts by world leaders to increase the use of renewable energy, oil is still an integral part of the world economy. 97 million barrels of crude oil were used daily in the world in 2016. Power stations require natural gas to produce electricity in our homes and industries and cars run on gasoline. Since oil is such an essential economic commodity, a lot of investors want to take positions in oil and gas investment. Energy companies are improving and refining on standard techniques for doing business in the oil and gas sector.

At Pealsonia Limited, we offer services that enable our investors to conveniently invest in oil and gas. Our interest in upstream (exploration and production), downstream (refining and sales), midstream (transportation and storage) and gas has created a legacy in oil and gas investment. Our services in this sector include purchase of oil and gas mutual funds, purchase of oil and gas future contracts, direct investment in oil wells, purchase of mineral rights, investment in shares of oil and gas companies,

Real Estate Development

At Pealsonia Limited, we provide an investment strategy in real estate construction that is both lucrative and satisfying. We make the buying and owning of real estate worth the investment. Our real estate investment portfolio spans across rental properties (residential, commercial and industrial), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), online real estate platforms, and home flipping.

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